Sunday, June 24, 2012

There's a Fine Line: Chapter 2 Snippet

Introductory snippet of the second chapter of Blake and Alicia's story. Things begin to heat up, both for the good and the bad. No contest this time around, just the preview.

There's a Fine Line...
Chapter Two

Alicia prowled restlessly through the small garden of the Pierce Estate. It had been three days since Blake Simons’ last visit. Three days since he’d pressed her against the wall and nearly made her melt by telling her all he wished to do with her. Three days since he’d bitten her and then walked away as if it had meant nothing! What the hell was he thinking? Raising a hand to the smooth skin of her throat, she shuddered at the memory of his lips pressed so seductively to her skin – the fangs that slid deep to pull her life’s blood from her body. If he’d stripped her bare and taken her body against that wall it couldn’t have been more intimate or soul shattering.

But then he’d smirked in that supremely smug and superior manner and walked away. Walked away! Giving a barely suppressed screech, Alicia grabbed a rock and hurled it over the garden wall and into the trees that surrounded the house. Son of a bitch! Why did she have to find her mate in the most aggravating, arrogant, egotistical, gorgeous pain in the ass on the planet? Why did she have to find a ‘mate’ at all? She’d had plans! She was going to be different than her mother and be independent, not needing a man to make her feel whole or fulfilled. She was never going to place her happiness so firmly in the hands of another only to watch him willfully shred it into pieces too small to repair. She was never going to…but, in finding a mate in one of the other races, she was terrified that she already had. Besides, once he truly knew her, he’d leave her anyway. Not even the mating pull would be strong enough to overcome his disgust if he only knew… Dropping to her knees on the well-maintained gravel walkway, she buried her face in her hands with a sob.

She didn’t remember the first time Markus had crawled into her bed. He’d claimed that she’d had a nightmare, though she couldn’t remember it. He said that she’d been crying and begging for someone to save her. He had promised that he’d save her because he loved her. Didn’t she want him to show her how much he loved her? Alicia had cringed away from the man who once seemed the answer to their prayers but that hadn’t stopped him from grabbing her, touching her, making her do things she’d never wanted to do. Afterwards, when she was sobbing and covered in his disgusting seed, he’d grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into the small bathroom, tossing her under the frigid spray of the cold shower.

“Tell your mother and I’ll kill her slowly while you watch,” he’d growled lowly while she’d huddled in the corner, still trying to cover her nudity as much as possible. The glint in his steely grey eyes and the deathly-cold menace in his voice convinced her that he’d do just that. “Tell anyone at all and I’ll make you help me as I flay the skin from their body. Don’t test me on this, girl; you won’t like the results. Until I tire of you, you’re mine. Bit too young to fuck just yet, but you’ll soon be old enough to appreciate what I’ve got to offer.” His lewd grin as he slowly stroked his naked, hard cock had her pressing even more tightly against the back of the tiny shower. Laughing at her distress, he stroked himself to completion and coated her body once more with his hot cum before he walked out of her room.

Alicia scrubbed everywhere he’d touched, every bit of skin his filthy fluids had tainted, but even after it was red and raw she still felt dirty. She brushed her teeth and gargled at least ten times but she could still taste him on her tongue, still feel him invading her once-virgin mouth. Nothing could erase the memory of him, however, and she wrapped herself in a blanket and cried for the first time since her father had disappeared. The next morning, she dressed and went to school as if nothing had happened and, though she longed to tell someone – anyone, she’d believed that he would hurt anyone she turned to for help.

He returned that next night…and every night after that.

He’d changed in other ways as well. When he’d first met her mother, Markus had been loving and kind, a genuinely sweet man who’d eased Marie away from her self-destructive lifestyle and back to being a respectable wife and mother. Then, one night, she’d caught him leaving her daughter’s bedroom. Their argument was fierce and loud, disturbing the teen almost as much as her stepfather’s unwanted visits; Alicia noticed the bruises her mother tried so hard to hide the next morning but said nothing. She’d had little success in coping with her own hell and no energy remained to deal with this new turn of events.

After that night, the situation in the modest home deteriorated more and more. Markus had gone from threatening Alicia if Marie discovered them to openly flaunting his sick desires for the teen in front of her mother. To further enforce his will, clothing was no longer worn inside the house and he took great delight in comparing the women’s bodies. Marie had aged well but was carrying a few extra pounds; Markus didn’t let her forget that. She was often in tears as he belittled her about her weight, her stretch marks, her hair or makeup. If she cried, she was pathetic and he’d often whip her for being weak. If she didn’t, he’d whip her harder. Then he’d force Alicia to watch as he violated her mother in every way possible while telling her all that was in store for her.

It was the day he’d thrown a party for his friends that finally pushed Alicia over the edge. Her mother had been fair game to the men her stepfather had invited; sometimes being forced to take not just one but sometimes two or three at once. Meanwhile, Markus had held her naked body in his lap, touching her while forcing her to suck his friends’ cocks or forcing her to suck him while their hands roamed her body. That night after Markus had left her room to slake his remaining lust on her mother’s body, the teen quickly showered, dressed, and left the house. She knew her mother would never forgive her for abandoning her to the monster she’d married but Alicia couldn’t stay any longer. As he’d sauntered from her room, he’d told her that her time was coming soon and she’d be damned if she was going to allow Markus Andrealphus to finish raping her body.

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