Thursday, July 5, 2012

There's a Fine Line: Chapter 3 Snippet

 Yes, you finally get to see Blake and Alicia together! Yes, this is a short snippet! Yes, I'm evil! Enjoy :D

There's a Fine Line...
Chapter Three

Alicia nervously smoothed and re-smoothed the expensive little black dress Elizabeth had helped her pick out that morning. When she’d tried it on in the store, it’d seemed a lot more…well, there than it did now: more length to cover her shapely legs, more lace to cover her small but overflowing cleavage, more cloth in general instead of possessively hugging her curves. Knowing her mate, he’d be searching for the tiny zipper that ran from the back of her neck to her waist before they’d even gotten in the car. She tugged on the hem again in the hopes that she could pull a few more inches from some hidden wrinkle and paced the Library awkwardly in her new heeled sandals.

Catching a glimpse of her image in the large bay window, her shoulders slumped. Whatever made her think she could impress a centuries old vampire? Though the window reflected the gentle waves of her black tipped and streaked sandy blonde hair, her petite but curvy body, and the way the dress set all her best features off to perfection, Alicia only saw the street kid she still felt herself to be – the little girl playing dress up in someone else’s fancy clothes. She’d never forgotten her mother’s thoughtlessly cruel comments as she bemoaned her daughter’s small bosom or slim hips. Coupled with Markus’ harsh words the first time he saw her completely naked, that she looked more like a young boy than a grown woman, and she’d always been extremely self-conscious of her body. Lewd comments from the men on the streets weren’t helpful; they’d fuck a knot-hole in a fencepost if you tied fake tits on it.

“You are determined to make me feel unwanted, beautiful, if you continue to look so unhappy to see me.”

With a jump, Alicia turned towards the door to where Blake Simons lounged casually against the frame. Dressed in one of his tailored black suits with a blood-red and black striped tie and crisp, white shirt, her vampire mate looked like he’d walked straight off the cover of GQ. As her hungry eyes took in his every detail, from his polished, black wing-tipped shoes to his dark brown hair that her fingers itched to touch, he was heaven and sin wrapped in a deliciously gorgeous package. When his lips quirked in amusement as her eyes shifted to bottomless black pools of aroused hunger, her gaze focused on the movement. She licked her lips in response, remembering the taste of him. The dark side that’d been dormant for so long rose just that little bit more to bring her closer to her goal – closer to her mate.

Blake straightened from the doorway and watched the girl stalk him from across the room. In reaction to her new shadowy nature, his beast surged forwards with lustful glee. This was the creature who was to be his. This was the passion he knew she suppressed. This was the mate who’d been promised him since the day of his creation. Stepping forward, more vampire than man, Blake took her wrists and pulled them behind her, securing them in one of his large hands. The fingers of his free hand tangled in her gloriously streaked hair and pulled her head back so he could drag his fangs along her bared throat. Her moan and the rising scent of her desire urged him to continue.

“Is this what you want, beautiful?” His lips and the moist heat of his tongue followed the scraped and burning path of those sharp incisors, licking and teasing and healing the marks he’d placed upon her neck. When she struggled to get free, he pulled harshly on her hair and growled against her fragile skin. “Seeing you in this dress, with so much of your warm, luscious skin bared to my greedy eyes, is both a pleasure and a torment. Do you know what you’re doing to me, beautiful?”

“I’m…I’m not doing anything,” her pleasure-filled denial was answered with a swift strike of those deadly teeth into the thick vein that pumped her life’s blood. Blake took only a single mouthful, nearly losing his tenuous hold on his self-control and ruining his designer suit at the taste of his mate, before swiftly healing the wounds with more laps of his teasing tongue than was needed.

“No? This dress is positively sinful, beautiful. The lace teases me, dares me to explore its secrets and seek out the treasures it hides. Shall I go hunting, my mate?”

Alicia’s knees nearly buckled when his hand released her hair to trail over and tease along the edge of the aforementioned lace. “Oh, god.” Unaware of her actions and only knowing she needed more of this man – his lips, his touch, even those razor-sharp teeth – she arched her back to try and force his hand lower

Smiling with evil triumph, Blake’s long fingers returned to her hair and pulled until Alicia was stretched backwards across the iron band of his arm as if suspended in the dip of an erotic dance. Her eyes closed and her breasts heaved as his fangs began a new journey, this time along her collarbone to the dip of her throat where a slight pressure was followed by an even slighter sting. His low, satisfied growl when his tongue lapped at the tiny bead of blood he’d drawn sent a flush of heat throughout her body. Further still traveled that sinfully wicked mouth, nipping and lapping and suckling her skin until she thought she’d go insane. When his lips edged under the black lace and closed around a diamond-hard nipple, pleasure exploded through her body. Her scream of release echoed oddly around the small room with a shrill, birdlike resonance.

Blake released her hair and wrists in time to catch her limp body as her trembling legs gave out completely. Holding her close to his hard and aching body, he smiled with justified male pride at the satisfaction he’d just given his mate. He couldn’t wait to unleash their passions freely and drink in her pleasure-filled blood. Running his hands soothingly along her back, he hid his smirk in her glorious, slender neck while her trembling slowly calmed.

“Blake?” Alicia whispered softly against his chest, slowly easing her arms around his waist and holding him equally close to her.

“Yes, beautiful?”

“What just happened?”

Chuckling softly, he drew back and brushed her hair from her flushed face. “I think you know the answer to that.” When her blush deepened, he chuckled again and ghosted his lips across hers. “Are you alright?”

Dropping her eyes shyly, she nodded while a small smile danced over her lips. Alright? She was more than alright; she was positively brilliant! It wasn’t like it was her first orgasm, Markus loved to torment her with her body’s reactions to his disgustingly skilled touch, but it was the first that nearly made her weep with joy. It was the first she’d had without guilt. It was the first given to her by her glorious mate. Thinking he couldn’t feel it through the layers of clothes, Alicia pressed a soft kiss of gratitude and (dare she admit it?) budding affection to Blake’s heart.

“God, beautiful, you’re making it very hard to be good.” His pained groan, coupled with a gentle grind of his granite-hard erection, sent the color back to her cheeks.

“What? Oh…” Embarrassed, Alicia started to pull away but his arms tightened into steel bands around her and held her firmly in place. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled into his tie.

Blake dropped a kiss on her head. “Don’t be. I treasure the kiss, beautiful, but I’d like for our first time together to be somewhere other than Elizabeth’s antique desk…and her throw rug…and maybe even that tapestry-print chaise.” His heart soared at her choked giggle and he willed his body to behave. As much as he wanted to pin her over that desk and bury every inch of his aching hardness into her delightful body, he knew she wasn’t quite ready for that just yet. He didn’t want to scare her off just as she was beginning to accept him.

“Not the chaise, Blake, really.” She murmured softly with a faint blush still staining her cheeks.

“And whyever not, beautiful?”

“It’ll stain and I’d have to explain that to Ms. Pierce. That’s so not a conversation I wanna have, ok?”

Laughing, he pulled back and tucked a black strand of hair behind her ear. Intrigued, Blake ran his fingers gently through her hair and noticed that the texture of the black strands and tips were different from the rest. Coupled with her unusual cry of release earlier, certain details were beginning to fall into place but to what result? When she closed her eyes and smiled, he couldn’t resist pressing a gentle kiss to her lips once more.

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