Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There's a Fine Line: Chapter 09 Snippet

The snippet for this chapter is not from the beginning, as is normal, but further in. It gives the reader a hint of the horrors to come without revealing too much. Again, please remember that my demons are evil...the demons of legend and myth and nightmares. They are, for the most part, without virtue or morality. The closer to the center of the Infernal Plane (or Hell), the more horrifying and black are their souls. Lust, from whence the Marquis hails, resides in the Second Circle. Malphas controls Violence, the Seventh. There are only nine.

There's a Fine Line...
Chapter 9

Beneath a recently renovated church in a dying town in central Alabama, a young woman and her father huddled together in an iron cage. Both had aided in the renovations of the main chapel by giving their time and efforts to repair pews, paint walls, and clear brush around the beautiful church. Neither had known of the basement in which they were now being held. A basement decorated in reds and blacks. A basement that bore the most disturbing paintings upon the walls. A basement with a single pristine altar in the center of a nine-pointed star the color of blood. Candles flickered at each point, each a different color to represent the circles of Hell.

“We have the sacrifices, My Lord Marquis.”

The sniveling voice of the greater mephit grated the demon’s nerves even as it gloried in the creature’s subservience. Unfurling his leathery wings, the Marquis turned to observe the humans its underlings had procured for him and smiled. Yes, this pair would do very well indeed. He might even allow the cockroach to have some fun once he and his underlings were bored with them.

“The girl?”

“Her aura is pure, My Lord,” the mephit simpered. “The man is her Sire. It…it is the eve of her wedding, My Lord.”

“Really?” The demon’s fangs gleamed in the flickering light of the many candelabra that stood around the summoning chamber. His smile was the distillation of all that was wicked, evil, and sinful and it was directed at the trembling young woman desperately trying to hide in her father’s arms. The Marquis stalked towards the cage, his red eyes glowing with anticipation. “Delicious! You’ve done well, imp. Prepare the altar. It’s time to anoint it for our General’s purpose.”

The mephit bowed low, sniveling and groveling its obeisance as it awkwardly hopped to the carved marble block that dominated the center of the chamber. Metal shackles were unlocked and chains were looped through iron rings set into the tile floor. Cold iron padlocks were set near the chains, opened and ready to restrain their first victim. And a lovely victim she was. The mephit violated her nubile body with its eyes; it hoped it would have the chance to do the same with its cock.

The Marquis sent a mental command to the pair of lesser demons guarding the couple. Fangs flashing in the flickering light, they eagerly reached into the cage and pulled the male’s arms through the bars. The underlings cackled at his struggles and protests and wrenched his arms securely behind his body, holding him in place with Infernal strength. Opening the door with the flick of one clawed hand, the demon lord let his crimson gaze drift from his minions to assess the value of his prizes.

The male was probably considered handsome enough. The puling human females lusted after one with his sandy blonde hair, strong jawline, and pale blue eyes. He appeared to be a strong specimen, in good health and with little body fat; his shoulders were broad, waist narrow, and hips slim. The man’s thighs looked muscular beneath his twill slacks. The demon hoped the rest of him was proportionate. They would know soon enough.

The girl was a prize, indeed. Her hair was as fair as her father’s and it hung over her back in tangled curls where it had fallen from its careful coiffure. She had dark eyes and a smattering of freckles across a pert nose. Her plump lips looked suitably fuckable and he couldn’t wait to get them around his cock as he violated her tender throat. The human’s dress, now torn and dirty from her struggles with her captors, hugged her slender figure and showed off her firm breasts and gently curving hips. The Marquis licked his lips as he imagined pounding his cock into her tight pussy while she screamed in fear and pain. Oh, yes. Definitely a prize.

“Undress him.” The lesser demons giggled in anticipation as they waited for their master’s command to take over the girl’s consciousness. She struggled, her horror plain on her tear-streaked face, but no ordinary human could ignore a demon of his power and status. Her trembling hands began working on the buttons of her father’s shirt. “Enjoy him as you do.”

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