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There's a Fine Line: Chapter 8 Snippet

This is the lead-in to Chapter 08, the mating of Blake and Alicia. This chapter is full of sex, BDSM, sex, bondage, sex, sadomasochism, sex, and...oh yes, SEX. Unfortunately, there is none in this snippet. Don't be greedy! This will be submitted on Sunday and should post on Lit around the 18th of September depending on when they process it.

There's a Fine Line...
Chapter 08

Blake deftly maneuvered the sleek sports car through the few twists and turns along the mostly deserted street while stealing glimpses of his silent companion. He’d verified that his mate fully understood what would occur should she choose to return to his suite and spend the weekend with him. Though it was clear that she was nervous, she had also been adamant. He’d had to wrestle for control from his overly eager beast to keep from taking her then and there, and the struggle had shown in his crimson eyes. Nipping at her plump lower lip, he’d removed the bindings from her delicate wrists, helped her rise from the bed, and instructed her to wear something comfortable for the trip to his apartment. He grimaced as she dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt emblazoned with The Bill from Schoolhouse Rock. They would clearly have to discuss her appalling taste in clothing.

“What?” Looking down at her outfit, Alicia wondered if she was perhaps dressed a bit too comfortably. “Hey, man, don’t diss The Bill! He’s totally cool.”

“Really, beautiful? The entire ensemble is atrocious. Isn’t there something a little nicer in there?”

“Make up your mind, Blake. It’s either “nice” or “comfortable.” The two don’t mix.”

“Are you going to fight me on everything?”

“Probably.” Alicia chuckled softly while rising on her toes to brush her lips against his. “But you know you love it, my vampire.”

“Not too sassy, brat,” Blake growled lowly, pulling her flush against his hard body and giving her a punishing kiss, “or there’ll be hell to pay later.” Stepping back, he swatted her jean-clad ass smartly with the crop and grinned at her yelp. “Fine…to the car with you, brat. Once we’re at the apartment, I’ll simply have to remove the offending garments as quickly as possible.”

After the initial small talk and laughter of the first few miles, his mate had grown quiet and contemplative and he worried she was regretting her hasty decision. He’d verified several times that she understood her decision to be final; he wouldn’t return her to the Pierce’s estate before the weekend was up regardless of her second thoughts. Reaching over, he trailed his fingers lightly down her neck, where he’d recently bitten into her delectable throat, and smirked at her quickly indrawn breath. Damn, but she was responsive to his slightest touch!

“Blake, please don’t.”

“Changing your mind already, beautiful?” Frowning, he withdrew his hand and clenched the steering wheel with more force than was necessary to maintain control of the powerful vehicle. “You are the one who set this night in motion, Alicia. I told you before we left that I would not return you.”

“You’re totally bat-shit crazy, you know that? Ow!” His hand had landed with unnatural precision upon the marks the crop had left earlier, and the sting brought tears to her eyes. “Sorry! But you’re nuttier than a fruitcake if you think I wanna go anywhere right now without you. I’m trying very hard not to pounce on you like some depraved sex-fiend, my vampire, and you touching where you last bit me with those wicked fangs is so not helping.”

“Sex-fiend, beautiful?” His grip relaxed on the wheel, a pleased smirk curled the edges of his lips as he watched the blush work its way up his mate’s neck, to her cheeks, and deep into her hairline.

“Yeah.” Alicia rubbed her smarting inner thigh while desperately trying to maintain control over her baser urges. Shrugging as nonchalantly as possible, she crossed her arms over her chest and attempted a glare. “What can I say? You bring out the worst in me, fang face.”

“Oh, I think I bring out the best in you, Beautiful One. I adore seeing that passionate fire in your eyes.”

“I bet you do but I’m not sure even your ancient vampire skills can hold this car on the road if I …if … um …” Voice trailing off in embarrassment, Alicia’s gaze wandered down his body to rest at the considerable bulge pressing against his trousers. She could feel the hunger of her shadowy self and unconsciously licked her lips at the remembered taste of her mate. Her hand had just crossed the center of the car when it was gripped firmly.

“None of that, beautiful. Besides, we have much to discuss before we arrive at my home.” Tilting her head in a distinctly bird-like manner, Alicia attempted to pull her hand free from his implacable grip. “And put away the talons, mate, or you’ll finish the rest of the trip naked and bound fast.” Her struggles against his hold ceased immediately. Withdrawing her talons took slightly longer.

“Fine. What’s there to talk about?”

“Watch your tone, Beautiful One. I’m not adverse to providing discipline for more than just your language, you know.” He waited until she acknowledged the point before continuing. “Now, the last time we were in the playroom I failed to fully explain the rules.”

“Rules? There are rules?”

“Yes, there are rules. You already know one; I gave it to you before we began last time.”

“You did?” Alicia nibbled her lip, thinking. “Oh! You mean the whole ‘red means stop’ thing?”

“Precisely. Any time you reach your absolute limit and feel you can’t take any more, say your safeword and everything stops immediately and without question.”

“Okay, but things will start again, right?” He nearly chuckled, as her blush was nearly bright enough to light up the car’s interior, but he refrained. Blake was just so damn proud that his mate was curious enough to overcome her reluctance to question things. “I mean, once whatever it was stops or…or whatever.”

“No, Beautiful One. Red means an end to all play until we’ve had a chance to discuss the incident. We might be able to resume later or it may have to be put off until the next day or even later than that. It’s a powerful word, Alicia, and one not to be used lightly.”

“I guess I understand but why not just use “no”? And what if, well, I need you to stop but only for a bit? You know, like something’s poking me that’s not supposed to or I need to take a pi…er, use the bathroom?” Alicia sighed happily when Blake gently stroked the healed bite on her throat. “What’s that for, my vampire?”

“Self-correction is to be rewarded, beautiful.” He trailed his fingers along her jaw line and laughed when she caught one in her small teeth and teased it with her tongue. “Behave, brat. As for your other questions, we won’t use “no” because you might have cause to say it without meaning it. As much as you like the feel of the flogger, your instincts will be to deny me or beg me to stop when, in reality, you want me to override your wishes and whip you harder. Understand?”

“Yeah. It hurts like a son of bitch but…GOD! Blake, dammit, stop…OW! Okay, okay! I’m sorry.” Rubbing her stinging thigh from the two exceedingly sharp smacks from his preternaturally quick hand, Alicia wondered just how he knew where to hit in order to find the already-sore spots from earlier.

“You will moderate your language, mate, or I shall continue to do it for you.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.” She seemed to shrivel under his scowl of disapproval and Blake felt a momentary pang of regret for his harsh tone. Pulling his eyes away from her lest he soften, he acknowledged her form of address with a brief but gentle caress along her abused thigh.

“Now, as for your other question, think of it like a traffic light. If Red means stop, then a brief pause would be Yellow. Use this for anything that isn’t dire but needs immediate attention such as needing to use the ladies’ room or having a cramp or numbness. You will not disappoint me for using either of your safewords, Alicia, so don’t try to suffer through something that can be easily remedied. If I find that you have caused yourself an injury due to a reluctance to use your safeword, then and only then will I be disappointed as well as extremely angry. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Blake pulled the car onto the shoulder, slipped it into neutral, and pulled the emergency brake. “Look at me, mate.” Holding her chin firmly, he waited until her eyes rose to his before speaking. “Your safety is my first priority, Alicia Johnston, and I will be most displeased should you place yourself in danger when it could have been avoided. There is no shame in using your safewords and I will not think less of you should you have to.”

“But…if I was really into this kind of thing, shouldn’t I be able to handle anything you do to me?”

“Everyone has their breaking point, Beautiful One, and your past may well rise to haunt you. I need to know when it gets to be too much and the only one who can tell me this is you. This doesn’t make you a failure nor does it mean that you’re weak.” Blake gently caressed her lips with his thumb but never released her from his dark, serious gaze. “I want to have you cuddled next to me in our bed delightfully sore and struggling not to curse me; I do not want to have to hold you as you cry tears of pain and distress simply because you thought you could, or should, be able to handle everything. I will do my best to ensure your well-being but only you can tell me when you are truly reaching your limit. Now do you understand, beautiful?”

“Yes, Sir.” He still saw shadows in her eyes and narrowed his.

“Remember, beautiful, there are consequences to all actions. Don’t test me on this one for you will most definitely not like the outcome.”

“Yes, Sir!”

This time, her voice was stronger and the shadows had fled. Satisfied, Blake gave her lips one final caress and maneuvered the sports car back onto the road for the final leg of their journey. He pulled into the private entrance of the parking garage and navigated the dark, spiraled path to his secure carport. Parking alongside a modest domestic compact, he helped Alicia from the Veyron and held her close during the entire trip up the elevator.

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